Job Description for Club Volunteer

A Houston United FC Club Volunteer will:


  • A Club Volunteer must always be able to maintain the Safety of all Players under his charge or care, ensuring the playing environment, conditions, physicality or temperament of other players or other person does not present a danger to anyone. Ensure that all coaching sessions are appropriate for the age and development of young players
  • Ensure Health and Safety, PVG and League Administration is up to date and available for scrutiny. Liaise with parents and coaches and provide information where required, obtaining Parental consent and Player Medical Forms as required.
  • Carry out and complete a venue specific Health and Safety Check for all training and home venues, including the provision of a First Aid Trained and equipped person. Where a accident or injury occurs coaches must complete the SYFA Accident / Incident Report Form (SYFA A1003).
  • A Club Volunteer must be qualified to perform their role. Where Training has been approved they may develop role specific experience under the direct supervision of a qualified Volunteer.
  • A Club Volunteer must be able to respond to any emergency, accident or spontaneous unplanned event, including near misses. In order to do so they require to be in possession of medical information on each child, emergency phone numbers and be trained and equipped or accompanied by a person trained and equipped to respond to such emergencies at all times whilst engaged with Club Business.
  • Adhere to the Club and Governing Bodies child protection policy and procedures.
  • Encourage good practice by promoting the child protection policy and procedures.
  • Regularly report to the Management/Committee/Board on matters that effect the development of players and the Club.
  • Engage with Players and other Club Members in a positive and professional manner, following the principals of Positive Coaching Scotland. Adhere to the Clubs Codes of conduct and Challenge behaviour which breaches any Club Code of Conduct on the part of players, parents and volunteers.
  • A coach has to show professionalism at all times and not drink alcohol or smoke within sight of any player, at or near to any venue connected with the Club.
  • Keep abreast of developments in the field of Coach Education or your role as a volunteer and undertake Continuous Professional Development, attending relevant training or events and subscribing to the best laid principals identified by Governing bodies. Volunteers Coaches should ensure fairness in team selection for Childrens and developmental age groups. Developing Players should be given equal playing time.
  • Respond appropriately to disclosures or concerns which relate to the well-being of a child and consult with the Club Player Protection Officer.
  • Maintain or ensure that the Clubs Database relating to all Club Members is appropriately maintained for your area of responsibility.

Person Specification

  • The ability to build relationships with club members, parents/carers, children and the Club Committee.
  • An interest in Football as well as the well-being and safeguarding of children.
  • A willingness to challenge poor practice and, where necessary, and to act in the interests of the players and wider club.
  • Strong listening skills and the ability to deal with sensitive situations with integrity.
  • The confidence and good judgment to manage situations relating to the poor conduct/behaviour of others towards a child.


  • Attend relevant training to fulfil the role of Volunteer within the Club.
  • Experience of working with children and Youths or have an appropriate disposition for such work.
  • Appropriate temperament and communication skills to engage positively with those connected with the Club.