Consent – Accident – Incident – Child Protection

A coach should always have parents consent forms, medical forms and emergency phone numbers with him at all times


  • Obtain appropriate qualifications
  • Avoid over playing the talented players
  • Spending excessive time alone with a child away from others.
    The above should be avoided except in an emergency if situations arise where they are unavoidable, they should only occur with the full knowledge and consent of the other coaches, parents/ if the child has to go to the hospital or parent fails to pick child up.
  • A coach has to show professionalism i.e.Drink and smoking not at training or a game, away on time for training and game, operate within the rules of the club, display control respect and professionalism this includes opponents, coaches, official, parents and spectators
  • Two Coaches always have to make training and games, never try to work alone, get help from another Coach.