Coaches Responsibilities

1. Ensure safety of kids at all times. Carry out and complete a venue specific Health and Safety Check for all training and home venues, including the provision of a First Aid Trained and equipped person. Where a accident or injury occurs coaches must complete the SYFA Accident / Incident Report Form (SYFA A1003).

2. Ensure that all team coaches attend all appropriate courses to achieve relevant qualifications and subscribe to the principals of Positive Coaching Scotland.

3. A coach should always have parents consent forms, medical forms and emergency phone numbers with him at all times.

4. Ensure Health and Safety, PVG and League Administration is up to date and available for checking.

5. Liaise with parents and coaches and provide information where required, obtaining Parental consent and Player Medical Forms as required.

6. Ensure conduct of both players and parents/ others is acceptable when representing HUFC and are aware of the Parental Code of Conduct and Player Code of Conduct.

7. Ensure that all coaching sessions are appropriate for the age and development of young players.

8. Coaches should avoid over playing more talented players and during development all players should be given equal playing time. Coaches should ensure fairness in tea selection for Childrens and developmental age groups.

9. Coaches should avoid spending excessive time alone with a child away from others.
The above should be avoided except in an emergency if situations arise where
they are unavoidable, they should only occur with the full knowledge and consent of the other coaches, parents, an example being if a to go to the hospital or parent fails to
pick child up.

10. A coach must show professionalism at all times. Coaches should not drink alcohol or smoke at training or a game in the presence of players. Coaches should be punctual in the attendance and clearing from facilities. Coaches should operate within the rules of the club, display control respect and professionalism at all times towards players, opponents, coaches, official, parents and spectators

11. Two Coaches always have to make training and games, never try to work alone, get help from another Coach.

12. Coaches should follow Child Protection Guidance, take all concerns of others seriously and report such matters with the Player Protection Officer.